Question paper preparation with the help of previous year question papers

Know how you to take question paper with the in build previous year questions

We help you to easily and quickly create question paper with the previous year questions and resemble the pattern of real board exams.

  • Login your QB account and go to a dashboard page and select Question Paper Management

  • Now Click 'Create Question Paper'

Now you will see a text box, where you have to give a name for the question paper

  • From the drop down in Preparation Type box, now Select 'Previous year'
  • In 'select year' you can select the previous year in multiple selections,

NOTE - You can select/unselect the marks in 'Question Type' and Click 'Get Questions'


In the following screen, you will get the list of the questions from selected previous year with the year noted at each question, You can select the desired questions and click on 'Show'

  •  Now You can add the exam time, exam mark, and notes as your wish [You can give the notes on question basis, Mark basis  (or) Common notes for all ]
  • Once done with adding notes and other information click on 'Save Exam' 

Now to preview the created question paper, Go to a dashboard page and select 'Previous Year Exam'

  • Created question paper can be seen in the list and select Preview icon(1st icon) to the right side of every question paper name

Once you create question paper with previous year questions you can take multiple sets of question papers