Question paper preparation with the help of Chapter Based Questions

Know how you to take question paper in single chapter wise

It's easy to create question paper in chapter wise which is helpful to conduct exams. after completion of each chapter Follow the easy steps and create question paper 

  • Login your QB account and go to a dashboard page and select 'Chapter Based Questions'

  • Now a list of chapters name will be on the screen and Click on (1st icon) to the right side of every chapter name to take the question paper.

  • Now you will see a text box, where you have to give a name for the question paper in pattern prefix
  • Questions count can be seen in the 'Available questions' and Give the questions count in 'Allocation' and marks will be automatically allotted
  • Then click on 'Submit' button.

  • You can get details of how much additional question paper can be created If extra question paper is required.
  • You can Select(in tick box) 'Create with remaining questions' and click on 'create now' button

  • Now to Preview and print the created question paper click 2nd icon to the right side of every chapter name. 

  • In the following pop up screen, you can select the named question paper and click 'Submit' 

Once you generate the question paper you do other changes as per requirement and take the print