Question paper preparation with the help of BluePrint

Create Question Paper in Blueprint Format

Want to create Question Paper in Blueprint Format of your own?? Use QB and take as many question paper in blueprint format.

  • Log in QB and Goto Question Paper Management from Dashboard,

Now, Click on 'Create Question Paper'

Now you will see a text box, where you have to give a name for the question paper

  • From the drop down in Preparation Type box, now Select 'Blueprint Type'.
  • select the created blueprint name(Note-Blueprint format should be created already) in next box,  

  • Note- You can select/unselect the marks in 'Question Type' and desireable chapter name 

  • Now, click on 'Get Questions'

In the following screen, you will get the question paper as per given blueprint format,  You can add the exam notes as your wish [You can give the notes on question basis, Mark basis  (or) Common notes for all ]

Once done with adding notes and other information click on 'Save Exam'