Manual Question paper Creation

Manually select the questions and create the question papers

Question paper creation is super easy with our QB365.Don't believe me? See it for yourself in our step by step guide below.

  • Login to QB and go to 'Question paper management'  from the dashboard, as shown in the image below

  • If you already haven't created your first question paper, then click on the Create Question paper( green button) on the top nav bar, as shown in the image below,

  • You can enter the desirable question paper  name and select the following details
  • In Preparation Type drop-down box, now Select 'Manual'.
  • In Question Type-You can select/unselect the marks  and  select desirable chapter name 

  • When you click on Get Questions,   you will see a list of inbuilt questions, based on your chapter and Mark selection.
  • You can select the questions for yourself, Click on Show to display the selected questions.

  • Once you click on Show button you can check the entire selected questions with notes options. You may add the exam notes as your wish [You can give the notes on question basis, Mark basis (or) Common notes for all ]
  • Once done with adding notes and other information click on 'Save' 

  •  Click the 'Print button' to print the created question paper.