How to view the entered question

know to view your own questions which you entered in your login

Find out your own entered questions in your login easily. Just follow the simple steps as given below,

  • Login to your QB and go to 'Manage Question'  from the dashboard, as shown in the image below

Now, Click on 'My Question' to segregate and view your questions which were added to the login

In the next screen, you can see the question count added in each genre on chapter wise

Note- If required you can edit the question in each genre, by clicking 'Pencil icon' blue colored icon at the right end,

Here you can find three icons to the right of each question,

  • 'Edit' (1st icon) the questions and perform required changes relevant to the entered questions and update it.

  • 'Disable' (2nd icon) the entered questions, so the question will not be shown anywhere

  • 'Delete' (3rd icon) the entered questions if not required,

With the following work, you can have your own questions