How to Replace particular question in the Question Paper

Know the easiest way to Replace particular question in your Question Paper

Do you want to Replace particular questions?? Quite easy to replace in our QB

Login your QB account and go to a dashboard page and select Question Paper Management 

  • Created question paper can be seen in the list and select Preview icon(1st icon) to the right side of every question paper name

You can replace particular questions in any section/part,

  • Choose the question which is to be replaced, Click 'marks' icon located at the right end of every question on the screen,
  • Now chapters name shows up, Select the chapters name from which you need a replacement of question.

From the selected chapter name, questions will be displayed in the particular section/part,

  • The question which you have chosen for replaced will be shown with blue color, 
  • Other questions in the selected section will be shown in red color, which can't be selected for the replacement.
  • After selecting an alternative question for replacement, Now Click 'Update'