How to post a query

Know how you to be get in touch with our technical support

We provide facility to raise support tickets for any and all the issues that you face on your login. This helps you to reach our tech team and resolve technical issue. To raise a support ticket, you have to do these simple steps mentioned here

  • Login your QB and Goto 'Query Management' from Dashboard,

  • When you face the issue on any particular page or subscription related doubts in your login, you can select the issue in 'Query About' drop down box
  • In the following window, you can fill out the details necessary to raise the ticket and upload images format also and click 'Submit' to post the query 

Once the query is posted, you can view the reply post from tech team about the duration to fix.

  • You can Click 'Completed' and find the list of a resolved issue from the tech support
  • If the query is still unresolved you can find it by clicking on 'Pending'