How to do profile setting for your own website

Know how to manage your own profile and manage it..

When you are building your online sub-domain using QB website builder, you can edit your contents in section. Here we will show you how to edit and manage your contents in section.

  • Login your QB account and Goto 'Query Management' from Dashboard,

Initially, to create a profile on your name, you have to check if there is an availability entered name

  • Enter your name in the given link box and click on 'Check Availability' to find if the desired given name is available or not.

Once the given name is available, you will get the confirmation by notifying in green color and click on 'Confirm This Domain' to create the domain on your name(as mentioned in below image).

  • After confirming the domain name, You can enter your name, Email id, mobile number and fill necessary details in about you section.
  • You can control your privacy setting by selecting 'Visible or Hide' your information.
  • You can upload the image for the profile which is at the left and also upload an image for a 'Cover Image' 

  •  You can provide your information and extra activities on the domain and fill the necessary details, also control the information and click 'Update'

Once you are done with creating the subdomain, you can post materials on your own profile