How to add Previous Year Questions

Know an easy way of adding previous year question in your own login

A simple way to have collective previous year questions in your login. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below,

  • Login to QB and go to 'Manage Question'  from the dashboard, as shown in the image below

Now to add a new Previous year question to the login, Click on 'Add Previous Year Question'

  •  You can select the chapter name in the drop down box
  •  Select yes/no option in creative question drop down and then Click 'Go' 

  • In Question type, you have to select the question genre to which question has to be added
  • In question builder(Left text box) you can enter the desired Questions and Answers at the (Right text box) 

  • Once you have entered your questions and answers, If a year is required to add enter it,
  • You can click 'Add More Question' to add more questions,
  • Once done with entering the required number of questions, now click on 'Save Question'

Once you have done entering previous year questions, you can view the overall count, Now Click on 'Previous Year Questions'

In the Following screen, you can view year-wise, listed with the mark genre and questions count in each genre, you can click on the count to view the entered questions,