How allocate the Marks for the exams?

Know how to allocate the Marks for the exams
  • Login your QB account and go to a dashboard page and select Question Paper Management.

  • You can view all the question papers that you have created as shown in the below picture.

  • Click on the 2nd icon under the special option to view the page 'Assign Mark'

  • You will be able to see the below page and click on the " Exam Mark Allocation" to assign Marks for the students for the particular examination.

  •  Select the section in the drop-down ' Select Section' as shown in the below picture. You will able to view all the students' name in the particular section. 

  • Click on the "Detail Analysis" and you can see the marks split up. Update the marks of the student for all questions and submit to save the marks of the students in that examination.